Julian Assange: Clinton pushing for a Pence takeover

    Well, it looks like Hilary Clinton isn’t done yet. Julian Assange(Wiki Leaks founder) had this to say on Twitter:

    Now, this may seem like a shock to some but to people who have followed this election closely it really isn’t. If you study the actions of Obama, Clinton and other members of both parties we have seen one common theme. That theme is fear. Not fear that Trump is going to ruin America. Not fear that Trump is a racist or sexist. It is instead a fear that Trump is going to expose the corruption within the good ole boy political system. Trump does not care what party you are a part of if you’re corrupt he will expose you.

    Now we understand Pence is also a member of this political hierarchy. Pence is by no means a corrupt politician but he is strong in his conservative ideals. He has no intention of working with any of the left much like Trump has shown. This openness to work with the other side of the aisle is something that may perturb a tough religious conservative like Pence.

    It certainly is a scary situation we are in right now. Former U.S President and Hilary the person Trump beat out for the Presidency are both actively attempting to push him out.

    We will continue to follow this story as we learn more.

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