Journalist unpersoned by Chicom social score, no travel, no property


A Chinese journalist who allegedly exposed government corruption has been banned from traveling by train or airplane and has had his social media accounts with millions of subscribers suspended.

Chinese journalist Liu Hua lives in a jaw-droppingly Orwellian society where “bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online” can affect your social score negatively, according to Business Insider.

The communist country’s social credit rating, set to be “fully operational” in 2020, will track all 1.4 billion citizens and assign them each an ever-changing score, ranging from 0 to 800, that factors into their everyday lives.

For example, Hua is one of an estimated 10 million Chinse citizens with a bad rating after he was arrested and jailed for accusing high-level officials of corruption and for publishing details of misconduct by authorities on his popular website.

Hua has been banned from traveling via airplane or train and has had his social media accounts with millions of followers suspended.

The Globe and Mail reports Hua “has been barred from buying property, taking out a loan or traveling on the country’s top-tier trains.”

While no Americans have had their travel restricted or been banned from buying property yet, many conservative commentators have been victims of social media censorship in 2018.

With companies like Facebook now giving users scores and asking for user bank records, it’s not far-fetched to warn of a similar system being rolled out in America.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has met with the czar of China’s internet censorship system and other propaganda chiefs on numerous occasions and is working with the oppressive regime to suppress the Chinese people.

Like Hua, Alex Jones and Infowars have been nearly wiped off the internet by big tech and social media sites in an increasingly authoritarian free-speech crackdown.

Also, Google, who kicked Alex Jones and Infowars off YouTube, is currently working with China to develop a censored search engine the government can fully control.

It’s possible that one day Google could use the Chinese model in the United States, for example, to block pro-Trump material as it is well known the company has a left-leaning bias.

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