Joe Biden now supports Taxpayer-funded Abortions

The ACLU tweeted out a video where Joe Biden stated he now supports Taxpayer-funded Abortions.

As Breitbart pointed out this is a complete 180 from how Biden viewed the issue in the past:

“I will continue to abide by the same principle that has guided me throughout my 21 years in the Senate: those of us who are opposed to abortion should not be compelled to pay for them,” Biden wrote in 1994. “As you may know, I have consistently — on no fewer than 50 occasions — voted against federal funding of abortions.”

And in his 2007 book Promises to Keep, Mr. Biden wrote: “I’ve stuck to my middle-of-the-road position on abortion for more than 30 years.”

“I still vote against partial birth abortion and federal funding,” he added.

In point of fact, Biden’s move to embrace taxpayer funding of abortion is just the latest step in an ongoing evolution on the issue.

As The New York Times noted, Mr. Biden was pro-life when he began his Senate career in 1973 and argued at the time that the Supreme Court had gone “too far” in the Roe v. Wade decision.

While Biden’s change of heart regarding taxpayer-funded abortion may place him more in line with his Democrat opponents, it galvanizes him as a pro-abortion candidate and hurts his standing among pro-life Democrats.

“Biden is making a critical error flip-flopping on his position on the Hyde Amendment,” Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life, told National Review. “Among the current top-tier candidates, there is not a single one who is considering pro-life Democratic voters.”

According to Ms. Day, Biden “is catering to the vocal minority who is pushing an abortion extremist agenda that will not resonate with general election voters.”

Joe Biden is shockingly running as far-left as possible. Many viewed him as a candidate who would try and walk a fine line and look as if he was a moderate. However, it seems the pressures of having to win the Democratic Primary are forcing him to be as Socialist as possible.

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