According to an FBI Memo Released in regards to the JFK assassination, the Soviets had intelligence that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the killing of JFK.

New York Times:

One passage of the memo notes that Johnson was considered virtually unknown to the Soviet leaders, and that their intelligence agencies suspected his involvement in the assassination:

Our source added that “now” the K.G.B. was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy.

The intelligence, some of which was gathered by a source who was inside Russia when Kennedy was assassinated, details how Communist Party leaders believed the killing was part of an “ultraright” conspiracy to “effect a ‘coup.’” Soviet officials also claimed not to have a connection with Oswald.

Now, this is by no means proof Lyndon B. Johnson was behind it. This could have just been a theory that was picked up during their investigation. With that being said Roger Stone has pointed the finger at Johnson as the man behind the attack and even wrote an entire book about it. More documents would be needed to confirm this.


One thought on “JFK FILES: FBI memo claimed that Soviet’s had intelligence that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind Kennedy assassination”

  1. This is the first report I’ve found in reference to this allegation. The mainstream media wants us all to concentrate on the fact that RFK was the focus on a book with regards his relationship with Marilyn Monroe ( shock horror!!!!). Or on the fact that the Soviets were concerned, after the news of JFKs death ( surely that’s obvious). I’ve Just spent hours trawling through these papers, and I don’t believe even with all this new information that we will still be anywhere near the truth, from what I’ve read so far it’s trivial stuff and information that was already public knowledge. The FBI was maybe investigating but once they get to the Cubans, Trafficante and Giancana the lines become blurred they would have no way of telling who was mob or CIA. Any CIA intelligence is basically null and void as they were investigating themselves and were/are bound to hide any evidence to suggest their involvement.

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