A released JFK File weirdly cuts off after the question was asked Did the CIA Kill Kennedy.

The Daily Wire:

A deposition given to the Rockefeller Commission on CIA Activities in 1975 by the agency’s director Richard Helms raises potential red flags. One of the attorneys for the commission, David Berlin, asked if the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination.

BERLIN: “Well, now, the final area of my investigation relates to charges that the CIA was in some way conspiratorially involved with the assassination of President Kennedy. During the time of the Warren Commission, you were Deputy Director of Plans, is that correct?

HELMS: “I believe so.”

BERLIN: “Is there any information involved with the assassination of President Kennedy which in any way shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was in some way a CIA agent or agent…”

The document cuts off at that point. (National Archive record)

Now, I am not claiming this is by any means prove it was the CIA that killed JFK but that doesn’t mean we should not cover this document. These documents have been held for over 50 years and the fact that this document seems to have been cut off at such an important point truly makes you wonder if they whitewashed anything in these documents.

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