Breitbart News outlined all of the support Trump is receiving from Israel.


“Trump, make Israel great,” says one. “Trump is a friend of Zion,” says another.

The signs reflect the mood in Israel, where President Donald Trump is rapidly becoming a hero, thanks in part to his decision to move the embassy, as well as his decision on Tuesday to pull the U.S. out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

But they also represent the specific institution that paid for the signs to occupy their present position near the Old City: the Friends of Zion Museum.

Joel Pollak took to Twitter


These revelations come after Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal and decided to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem.


3 thoughts on “Jews praise Trump in Jerusalem: “He’s not a politician. He does what he says he will do””

  1. I am a Jewish Israeli/American who served in the US Army in Viet Nam and the Israel Defence Forces for 14 years as a Medical Officer and I just absolutely love and trust President Trump, as do ALL of my American and Israeli Jewish friends. We Israeli Jews trust and love Donald Trump and we pray for God to bless and guide him in these tough times. Trump is great and he will make America Great Again, and he loves Israel! Yay, go Trump!

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