Voters Reportedly Being Turned Away For Not Wearing Masks–Virginia GOP Sounds The Alarm

After the 2020 election debacle voters are concerned that US elections are not free and fair.

Mass Mail-in balloting, lack of voter ID, and issues with voting machines are all at the forefront of voting issues.

It looks like the election shenanigans are already starting in Virginia.

Reports are now surfacing of voters being turned away because they are required to wear masks.

According to the Virginia GOP, masks are not required to vote in Virginia.

Other Twitter users exposed this.

The GOP must focus on making sure that the Virginia election is safe and secure.

Although the experts claimed that Virginia was going to stay blue it is now likely that the GOP wins in Virginia.

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Just The News added more:

The Legal Defense Fund addressed the mask issue on social media as well.

“Masks are encouraged but not required at polling sites in Virginia. If you forgot your mask, you should not be turned away for not having a mask,” the organization wrote. “You should either request one from your polling place or request to vote curbside.”

Conservative columnist Charles Hurt said local officials requiring masks to vote in Virginia is a voter suppression tactic.

“To be clear, this is illegal voter suppression,” he wrote. “You may vote at any polling place in Virginia – even in schools – with or without a mask no matter what local election officials tell you.”

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