Interesting Timing…Sham Jan 6th Committee Could Release Full Report Before Midterms

Phony investigations are a key to the Deep State’s operations.

They attempt to destroy whoever if through various leaks to the media.

The sham Jan 6th committee has proven to be one of the biggest witch hunts in the history of the world.

They were caught lying on a subpoena.  

They were then caught doctoring evidence they presented.

(We explained what it shows us about the sham Jan 6th committee here)

Of course, the next part of the sham is going to be them issuing a report.

We now know that we might have a full one by this fall.

This just happens to coincide with the midterm elections.

From Gateway Pundit:

The sham January 6 Committee composed of radical left-wing lawmakers and two RINOs, will likely issue an interim report on its findings by summer, according to the Washington Post.

Just in time for the 2022 midterm elections.

“We want to tell it from start to finish over a series of weeks, where we can bring out the best witnesses in a way that makes the most sense,” a senior committee aide told the Post. “Our legacy piece and final product will be the select committee’s report.”

Another January 6 panel aide told The Post that a full report on the committee’s finding could be released in the fall…just in time to interfere with the elections.

Many people are focusing on vaccines–they are certainly important.

Mandates should be opposed and strongly.

However, the true wing of the deep state is seen in this sham Jan 6th committee.

This committee is meant to shut down all dissenters.

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