Analysis: Here Is What The Doctored Text Shows Us About The Jan 6th Committee

Yesterday, The sham Jan 6th committee was forced to admit they doctored a from Jim Jordan to Mark Meadows.

Here is the text Schiff showed:


Here is the full text:


There has been a lot of talk about this.

It even trickled to the mainstream media.

However, no one is taking a deep look into what was edited out and why.

The part of this that is edited out is the entire section showing the legal process of stopping a stolen election.

They added in the period where they did because they do not want the American people to realize that what Trump and his allies were doing had nothing to do with the illegal actions.

What they were requesting Pence to do was a legal process.

Even if people disagree with the legal opinion there is no question that there was a legal opinion given.

This is important because this truly unravels the entire narrative surrounding Jan 6th.

They doctored this text because it alone debunks their entire narrative.

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