Imam says some Muslims can turn radical due to lack of Imam’s in America

In an Islamic puff piece for Politico an Imam by the name of Abu Marwan admitted something striking.

It’s also potentially dangerous, Marwan says. He worries that some mosque members, with no imam to guide them, could soon turn elsewhere for direction, with possibly radical consequences. Imams serve as prayer leaders at their mosques, but they also act as religious guides and community leaders. Young people, Marwan says, “have no good place to go without an Imam. They go to the internet or Google and they can end up somewhere very bad. A good imam is the best answer to any evil thing.

This Imam is admitting that Islam is the driving force behind Terrorism. The left and Mainstream Media have been telling us that Islam has nothing to do with Terror group such as ISIS. They told us that it was the vast minority and that most can’t be radicalized. Well, this Imam, who is anti-Trump admits the exact opposite.

No, all Muslims aren’t Terrorists but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be focusing on a huge issue facing our country. Islamic radicals are growing and reform is needed to help combat what our military can’t do.


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