HERE WE GO: Biden’s Approval Hits Lowest Ever In Gallup

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More bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s approval just hit its lowest ever in Gallup.

From The Hill:

President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a new low of 50 percent in Gallup’s opinion poll, according to results published Friday.

Biden’s approval rating dropped 6 percentage points from June in the new poll, which surveyed 1,007 adults between July 6 and July 21.

The lower rating comes amid new fears about inflation, a rising number of coronavirus cases and a slowing vaccination rate.

Broken down by political party, only 12 percent of Republicans give the president a positive job approval rating in comparison to 90 percent of Democrats and 48 percent of independents. The survey notes that his approval ratings among Democrats and independents are the lowest for those two groups to date, while the Republican rating was up 1 point.

Now, remember it is not really the number that matters.

We know that all of these polls are biased to the left.

We previously reported on how bad election polling was:

2020 Election Polling Disaster Exposed–Oversampled Bien’s Support By 3.9%

What matters is the trend.

If Biden is hitting an all-time low in Gallup then he is in serious trouble.

Biden will either be impeached or removed by the 25th amendment once his handlers feel Kamala is more popular.

The bad thing for them is that she is seemingly even more unpopular than Biden:

Kamala Harris Polling Terribly–Even Some Biden Voters Don’t Support Her

How low is Biden’s approval really? 

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