Hawley Has Best Fundraising Month…Picks Up 12K New Donors

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The boycott is backfiring.

GOP Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has had his best fundraising month since he was elected to the Senate.

He also picked up 12,000 new donors.

From Axios:

What’s new: According to a memo released by Hawley’s campaign on Monday, his political operation brought in $969,000 in January.

  • That’s more than Hawley’s campaign has raised in any single month since October 2018, just before he was elected to the Senate.

  • The average donation in January was $52, with contributions from roughly 12,000 new donors, according to the campaign. It now has roughly $2.1 million cash on hand.

  • “It is crystal clear that a strong majority of Missouri voters and donors stand firmly with Senator Hawley, in spite of the continued false attacks coming from the radical left,” says the memo by Hawley pollster Wes Anderson.

We reported earlier on a 700K donation he got from a Conservative group:

Conservative Group Raises 700K For Josh Hawley

He is also the most popular politician in New Jersey:

New Poll: Josh Hawley Is The Most Popular Politician In Missouri

Josh Hawley has come under attack after he contested the results of the 2020 election.

All he did was question the results due to widespread irregularities. Yet even that is to much for the political establishment.

Luckily, it is backfiring on them.

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