Hawley Gets Standing Ovation From CPAC Crowd For Challenging Electors

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) got a standing ovation at CPAC while speaking about the fact he challenged the electoral college certification on January 6th.

From The Daily Mail:

Hawley told the crowd on Friday about his reasoning, and was greeted with wild applause, a standing ovation and a chant of ‘USA’.

He said he had raised an objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to ‘have a debate over election integrity.’

Hawley said: ‘What was the result of that? I was called a traitor.

‘I was called seditious, the radical left said I should resign.’

He added: ‘Over the last six weeks the radical left, their corporate allies and the liberal media have tried to cancel me, censor me, expel me, shut me down, stop me from representing the people of Missouri, stop me from representing you, and guess what? I’m here today, I’m not going anywhere and I’m not backing down,’ Hawley said.

‘I did what my Democratic colleagues have done in every single election a Republican has won in the last 20 years.’

This shows you who the base of the Republican Party stands with.

The bottom line is Hawley’s voters who he is elected to represent support his decision to contest these electors.

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Here is the full speech:

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