GOP strategist claims Mattis could be Dem VP in 2020

According to an unknown GOP strategist, the Democrats might run Former Defense Secretary James Mattis as Vice President in 2020.

This comes after The Gateway Pundit reported that Mattis was looking into a 2020 run for President.

This means two things.

The first is that Trump was right to kick Mattis to the curb. You don’t want people who are trying to make a jump politically to be undermining your current administration. It was clear that Mattis didn’t see eye to eye with Trump on policy and would only be a loss to the administration.

The second is that Trump should keep an eye on this. Democrats have long been viewed as weak in the foreign policy department and for good reason. However, a Mattis Vice President run could change that for them. They would be able also to use beyond the scenes information from the Trump White House to their advantage. We have long covered the leaks coming out of the White House that are often just cherry-picked conversations. Trump can beat a ticket with Mattis in it but it still isn’t something Trump should take lightly.

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