GOP Lawmaker: DeSantis “Odds-On Favorite” To Be Next President If Trump Doesn’t Run

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According to GOP lawmaker Joe Gruters, Ron DeSantis would be the “odds-on favorite” to be the next President if Trump does not run.

From Newsweek:

Although President Joe Biden’s White House term began just two months ago, discussions about the 2024 presidential contest and its possible contenders are already underway. While questions remain regarding Donald Trump’s intentions to launch another campaign ahead of the next election season, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has emerged as a prospective Republican presidential candidate.

“I think he’s the odds-on favorite to be the next president, if Trump doesn’t run again,” said Joe Gruters, who holds a seat on Florida’s state Senate and chairs its Republican Party, referencing DeSantis in recent comments to NBC News.

Gruters, a known Trump supporter, is not the first Republican figure to suggest that DeSantis might lead a successful presidential bid. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, also a Republican, described DeSantis as “a strong potential presidential candidate in 2024” during a February appearance on Fox News.

Josh Holmes, an adviser to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, told Politico that the Florida governor “is having a moment with conservatives” in the aftermath of Trump’s presidency. Some have also floated the idea of a Trump-DeSantis ticket ahead of the next election, with DeSantis as a vice presidential nominee.

To this point, Trump has hinted at a 2024 run but has not fully committed.

A straw poll that was taken at CPAC found Trump as the frontrunner but DeSantis was in second:

CPAC Straw Poll Shows Trump Is By Far Still The 2024 GOP Front-Runner


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