GOOGLE: Trump-Ivanka pic was top picture for ‘Hebephilia’ search result

The top picture for the Google search result Hebephilia was a picture of a young Ivanka Trump sitting on the lap of her father Donald Trump.


Google displayed a picture of Donald Trump and a young Ivanka Trump at the top of a Google search for “hebephilia” (similar to pedophilia, but attracted to pubescent children). The tech giant removed the picture after a Breitbart News inquiry.

Until Breitbart News made its inquiry earlier this afternoon, searches for the term “hebephilia” displayed a picture of a young Ivanka Trump sitting on her father’s knee during an event. The image appeared in Google’s “snippet,” the featured result that appears above search and is aimed at answering a searcher’s question right away.

This is the Google definition of Hebephilia. 

Hebephilia is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent children, which is typically ages 11–14. It differs from pedophilia, and from ephebophilia

Here was Google’s response to Breitbart:

After Breitbart News brought the search result to Google’s attention, the tech giant said it would remove the image from its snippet.

“Featured snippets are generated automatically to help people easily find pages that our systems determine may have the most relevant information,” said a Google spokeswoman. “In this case, the snippet included an image from another source, which was nonrepresentative of the topic. We are removing the image from this snippet in accordance with our policies for this feature.”

Google has policies that correct inaccurate snippets. However, the company does not have similar policies for organic search results (the ten blue links that appear on each page of search results) or Google Image Search, and the picture of the President and his daughter still appears at the top of Google Image searches for hebephilia.

Breitbart News revealed earlier this year that Google does occasionally intervene in organic search results. Leaked emails published by Breitbart revealed a member of the company’s “Trust and Safety” team admitting that the company does intervene in organic search, although he stressed to his colleagues that the bar for doing so is “extremely high.”

Due to the images being taken from Twitter trends Donald Trump and Ivanka still show up as the first image result on Google Images.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 11.13.55 AM.png

I wonder if the left will come out in force and condemn this fake news being spread to people. The left constantly warns of disinformation and lies and wanting Big Tech to do something about it.

Good on Google for fixing this problem, bad on the left for making the disgusting claim that Donald Trump was sexually interested in his daughter.

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