According to a Google briefing leaked to Breitbart News free speech is a utopian idea.

Here is the slide where they mention it

Screenshot 2018-10-10 07.37.41.png

They then claim the Arab Spring(which led to the death of millions) was a success in Free Speech.

Screenshot 2018-10-10 07.38.02.png

Of course, then they blame the election of Trump as a problem with free speech

Screenshot 2018-10-10 07.38.10.png

They then mention the rise of the alt-right

Screenshot 2018-10-10 07.38.36.png
This basically debunks the entire narrative Google has been using that it is only algorithms that are providing a bias in search engines. It is clear that Google views wins by what is considered right wings groups as a failure of Free Speech while viewing left-wing victories and a triumph.

Basically, Google doesn’t think you’re smart enough to do your own research and think for yourself so they’ll control what you see and what you don’t.

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