According to reports James Baker, former FBI General Counsel told lawmakers that the Rod Rosenstein’s comments were taken seriously by Anti-Trump FBI agent Lisa Page and Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

The Daily Caller:

Baker, who resigned from office in May, also told lawmakers that McCabe and his general counsel, Lisa Page, told him in May 2017 that Rosenstein made remarks about wearing a wire during meetings with Trump. Baker’s testimony seems to bolster a Sept. 21 report from The New York Times that cited memos McCabe wrote just after a meeting with Rosenstein in May 2017, shortly after James Comey was fired as FBI director. (RELATED: New York Times Reports That Rod Rosenstein Discussed Wearing A Wire In Conversations With Trump)

The Justice Department has disputed the story, saying that Rosenstein was making a joke in response to a request from McCabe to investigate Trump over his firing of Comey. The report touched off intense speculation about Rosenstein’s job status. He reportedly offered to resign following the report, but the White House rejected the proposal.

Baker told Congress that McCabe and Page took Rosenstein’s remarks seriously. Sources familiar with his testimony said Baker testified that he was not certain whether Rosenstein’s remarks, if said in earnest, were unethical or illegal.

Now, this still doesn’t confirm that Rosenstein meant what was said but it does open up the possibility that McCabe and/or Lisa Page ordered the secret recording of President Donald Trump.


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