Giants prove they are elite in narrow win against the Cowboys

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 11: Ezekiel Elliott #21 of the Dallas Cowboys is tackled by Damon Harrison #98 and Kelvin Sheppard #91 of the New York Giants during the first quarter at AT&T Stadium on September 11, 2016 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Giants never can make it easy for us fans. The offense didn’t actually leave the locker room in the first half and showed up for around three and half drives in the second. It seemed like everytime Eli stepped back to pass I held my breath hoping that we at least didn’t turn it over.

The Cowboys defense took turns hitting Eli and making Flowers look like it was his first time on a football field. Luckily for the Giants their defense looked like a mix of Seal Team Six and the 85 Bears and propelled them to a 10-7 win over the Cowboys. More important then the outcome of this game is that we learned a lot about this Giants team. Let’s take a look at what we learned

  1. This defense is the NFC’s best defense (sorry Seattle but it’s true)
  2. Odell is a weirder player then we thought
  3. McAdoo should stop calling plays
  4. This team is more than a team, they are a family
  5. This team is a Super Bowl contender

This defense is the NFCs best:

I’m sorry Seattle but this Giants defense is officially the best in the NFC and maybe the entire league. Let’s start by looking at what this defense accomplished in this game. For starters they bullied the best Offensive line in the league. They were in Daks face all game and even though Elliott did have some good runs they didn’t let him dictate the game. On top of that they forced Dallas into turning the ball over 3 times and picked Prescott off twice. Oh and I can’t forget the fact that Janoris Jenkins held Dez Bryant to 1 reception for 10 yards and then forced him to fumble it right after he caught it. Even without Jason Pierre-Paul this defense has too much talent and too much heart for them not to be considering the NFC’s best. They do the little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet. Whether its Eli Apple throwing his whole body into Jason Witten on third down to stop him from picking up the first down or Landon Collins flying from his safety position to make huge tackles Im not sure there is a defense that works harder than this Giants defense. This Giants defense stared across the line scrimmage at the best offensive line in the league, a MVP candidate in Dak Prescott behind center and another MVP candidate behind him in Ezekiel Elliott and they didn’t even flinch. Thank You Giants defense for showing up and winning this game almost on your own.

Odell is a weirder player then we thought:

Half way through this game I had an Amber Alert out for Odell Beckham Jr. As I watched the game he almost seemed disinterested. His face had the expression of someone who just didn’t care. He wasn’t really involved offensively at all, dropped balls that he usually catches in his sleep and almost muffled a punt that would’ve been disastrous for the Giants had the Cowboys recovered. Then before I could blink Beckham had caught a pass and took it 61 yards for a New York Giants touchdown. I was there sitting on my bed in my dorm wondering what just happened. Odell is a player I guess we are all going to have to just live with not being able to understand and hey if we keep winning you won’t hear me complain (Well maybe a little, Sorry Odell)

Ben McAdoo should stop calling plays:

Look I never was a huge fan of McAdoo but I have to hand it to the guy he has done a great job as Head Coach of this team. He has kept them together through everything this year and has shown great leadership as the head coach. With all of that being said playcalling has not been his strong suite. This Giants are suffering from many of the issues that plagued them last year. Im sorry but he needs to give up these playcalling duties. He holds one of the biggest playcalling sheets I have ever seen on the sideline yet only seems to call one or two of the plays on that sheet. They are way too predictable and still just seem to run some plays that have you scratching your head thinking Are you sure this guy knows football? The Giants need something to spark this offense a little and what better way than someone else calling the plays.

Ok so I decided I’d combine my last two points into one. This team really has something special happening with it. They go out every week and just seem to play for one another. Watching this defense work as a unit of one and pick eachother up when they are down is something that only the great teams have. It is clear to me that this team is a family and that they are as close as they come on and off the field. This Giants team is and should be looked at as dangerous. They have all the talent to make a deep playoff run. The only thing holding them back is that offensively they are just bad to this point. They need to find away in these next 3 weeks to just get better on that end.  They need the ability to sustain drives and to take care of the ball. I trust that between Eli, Odell and McAdoo they will figure something out. If you look across the NFL I guarantee you that the other playoff teams are praying they don’t get matched up with the Giants especially our friend down in Foxborough Tom Brady.

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