Former Cheney staffer blasts Bale! Hollywood ‘elites live in a warped and entitled bubble’

Former deputy national security adviser to Former Vice President Dick Cheney Stephen J Yates destroyed Christian Bale for his attacking of Dick Cheney at the Golden Globe.

Fox News:

Tsk, tsk. What’s a guy named Christian doing consulting with Satan? That just doesn’t seem right. And come on, if you are going to roast an immensely intelligent and experienced person with whom you disagree, shouldn’t the bar be a bit higher than just calling him a “charisma-free a** hole”? Perhaps Christian should consider better sources for inspiration.

Then again, this is what we have come to expect from our entertainment elite. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Robert De Niro graced the 2018 Tony Awards with the deep philosophical words “F**k Trump!”

These elites live in a warped and entitled bubble, where “their truth” is to be imposed as “the truth” on all of us dim and dirty deplorables. As they gather for these celebrations of their collective narcissism, perhaps they forget that beyond the room full of their kind of people (who think Satan is funny and Republicans are evil) lies a large, fruited plain of people who think, believe and live differently.

If we deplorables wise up and stop paying to be insulted by them, their glorious bubble will get a lot smaller.

Really though, the most disappointing thing about Bale’s acceptance speech was that he simply went for base humor and coarse language, sure to align with the culture and ideology of his peers, and just left it at that.

While there is a healthy dose of revisionist liberal bunk in the movie (especially for those of us who lived a part or two of the story), Bale must have discovered things about Cheney that even he could admire – a man who married a talented, strong and accomplished woman who essentially saved and shaped his life; an unmatched career at the highest levels of leadership from the White House to Congress to the Pentagon to the private sector and back to the White House; a front row seat to many of the most consequential challenges facing our nation and the world.

While it may be too much to ask for Hollywood to give credit where credit is due – and perhaps doing so would have been less entertaining for some – surely Bale could have shared a morsel or two about what surprised him in taking on this role, given the consequential life he was depicting (and then mocking). That would have at least added a little value to his speech, and maybe even convinced a few outside of that bubble to tolerate watching his movie.

This rebuke of Bale and this side of Cheney will never be portrayed by the Media. Now, I understand that many Conservatives also have gone cold on Cheney. They view the failure of the Iraq War as a failure of Dick Cheney. Is this fair? Of course, it is. Cheney pushed for the war more than anyone and he should take the credit and blame for all of what happened there. However, that doesn’t mean we should allow the left to lie about these people without repercussion.


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