FLASHBACK: Concealed Carry holder stops armed robber at Waffle House in 2015

After today’s shooting at Waffle House it is important to look back at a time in 2015 where a concealed carry holder stopped an armed robbery at a Waffle House.


A concealed carry permit holder was praised for shooting an armed robbery suspect around 5 a.m. on October 10, thereby stopping the robbery of a Waffle House in Charleston, South Carolina.

One of the uniformed officers who responded to the 911 calls said, “It says something about firearms, for good people with firearms being in the right hands.”

According to The Post and Courier, police received “reports of an armed robbery and shots fired.” They arrived to find “the suspect had been shot.” Waffle House employees told police that an armed customer had stopped the robbery. One employee said, “He saved us, that’s what he did.”


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