Feminist Trans-activist Riley J Dennis says having “genital preference” is Trans-phobic

According to a well known Trans-activist Riley J Dennis “genital preference” makes you transphobic. In a video, for everydayfeminism.com  she claims this very thing.

Here is quote straight from Riley:

“Technically your right, You’re allowed to have your preferences, and you don’t have to change anything. But there’s more to it than that, and ignoring the deeper issues by stopping at a surface-level analysis doesn’t do this any justice. Like, you’re allowed to have a lot of things you’re  allowed to have prejudice towards trans people, but that doesn’t mean you should. So if we look a little deeper into this issue, there’s the possibility of your genital preferences being at least somewhat partially informed by growing up in a cissexist society. There’s also the fact that a preference is different than saying you would never do something”

Ok so wow. Let me start out by saying just because I prefer my women not to have penises doesn’t mean I don’t like Trans people or I am somehow Trans-phobic. All it means is that I am a normal heterosexual male. The second thing is that society’ doesn’t instill that in me. The idea that I must try something out to know I’m not attracted to it makes no sense. It is a fascist ideal that I must be attracted to that or be forced to date that.

She goes onto say:

“Like, having a preference for tall girls is fine, but refusing to date anyone under 5’7 is ridiculous. And obviously, that’s not a perfect analogy because short girls as a group don’t face the societal marginalization that trans women do. But I’m interested in having a conversation about labels and implicit bias and trans-inclusive language. Simple saying It’s my preference, end of discussion is a good way of sidelining all of those issues and instead centering the feelings of cis people in discussion that’s about trans-people”

My message to you Riley is simple. The more you make the case that trans people are different the harder it will be for society to have overwhelming acceptance to it.

For the rest of America know that it is okay to have a preference in who you want to date. All of us are attracted to different body types, personalities, and genders. That is not a bad thing it is what makes us all unique.

Here is the full video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5GYlZKfBmI]

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