FAKE NEWS: Trump Ad never called for the execution of Central Park Five

It turns out that President Trump never actually called for the execution of the Central Park Five, contrary to the reports by the Fake News Media.

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Here is the New York Times admitting he never did:

Mr. Trump was asked about newspaper advertisements he bought back then calling for New York State to adopt the death penalty after the attack. (The ads never explicitly called for the death penalty for the five defendants.)

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In 1989, Mr. Trump placed full-page advertisements in four New York City newspapers, including The New York Times, calling for the state to adopt the death penalty for killers. He made clear that he was voicing this opinion because of the rape and assault of Trisha Meili, a woman who had been jogging in Central Park.

“I want to hate these murderers and I always will,” Mr. Trump wrote in the May 1989 ad. “I am not looking to psychoanalyze or understand them, I am looking to punish them.”

He wrote in all caps: “Bring back the death penalty and bring back our police!”

Of course, the Mainstream Media won’t give you a nuanced view of this issue. Here is what actually happened. An innocent woman was raped in a park. Due to this rape, Donald Trump called for the death penalty to be brought back as a way to stop crime. At no point in the ad did he specifically call for the killing of the Central Park Five.

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