FAILURE: Up 12K Airforce Personal Have Declined COVID Vax–Officials Faced With Dilemma

Biden’s military vaccine mandate is failing.

According to new data, 12,000 Air Force personal have declined to take the COVID vaccine.

They were warned that not getting vaccinated could result in them being punished.

However, due to the sheer amount of those who remain unvaccinated officials in the Air Force are facing a dilemma.

From The Hill:

About 12,000 Air Force personnel have declined to get vaccinated for COVID-19, causing many officials to question how to address the considerable opposition without causing significant challenges and setbacks within the military, the Washington Post reported.

Officials had warned that if military personnel does not receive the COVID-19 vaccination, they will be subjected to punishment, including possible dismissal from service or receiving a charge from the military justice system, the Post wrote. The deadline for complying with the mandate is Tuesday.

However, with such a significant amount of service members rejecting the vaccine mandate, officials are faced with a dilemma – take action against those who rejected the mandate and possibly face serious setbacks within units that should be ready for a crisis, or go back on a wide-scale requirement established in August by the top military leaders.

If they choose to discipline those who reject the mandate, the wave of dismissals can cause the military to be unprepared in a time of crisis as many jobs on the line include pilots and aircraft maintainers, according to the Post.

“The fact that it’s a choice leading to potential loss to readiness is striking,” Katherine L. Kuzminski, a military policy expert at the Washington think tank Center for a New American Security, told the news outlet.

The Biden administration is willing to risk military readiness to push this vaccine.

What a disgrace!

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