FACE IT NEVER TRUMPERS! You were wrong, stop moving goal posts

WARREN, MI - MARCH 04: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests during a rally at Macomb Community College on March 4, 2016 in Warren, Michigan. Voters in Michigan will go to the polls March 8 for the State's primary. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

I just got done watching a Netflix documentary series entitled ‘Dirty Money’. It is a collection of stories about different crime syndicates and how they make money. However, there is one thing that doesn’t fit with the rest. The last episode is entitled ‘Confidence Man’. The entire episode is about Donald Trump and how much of a scammer he is. They looked into his business empire and then claimed he was doing the same thing with his presidency. The people who voted for Trump were conned they said. They claimed the people who voted for Trump were the dumbest members of society. Now, I’m not going to debunk each claim they made that was just plain false watching it reminded me of what the Never-Trump right and left thought of Trump.

Before he was elected it was Trump won’t do what he ran on. Who remembers “Trump isn’t a Conservative”. “Trump doesn’t actually believe in his message”. Then we had “Trump is going to start World War 3”. This nonsense was perpetrated by those in the Republican party who didn’t like Trump. They had no way of debunking his platform, which was Pro-America and extremely Conservative in the correct areas so they used any smear they could.

After nearly two years Trump has been in office these people look extremely dumb. The economy is booming. Last quarter we saw 4.2% GDP growth along with hundreds of thousands of jobs being created. Unemployment is continuing to drop and unemployment for all minority groups and women is either at its lowest ever or near low. Wages are continuing to rise and according to sources on the hill, Trump is going to get at least some funding for his border wall in the next budget.

He also has won on trade. Trump has crafted a brand new Trade Deal with Mexico and is continuing to negotiate with Canada. With China, he has just begun his war and we have already seen results. Reports have surfaced showing a growing divide within Xi’s regime which will hinder his ability to fight the trade war.

The Chinese people also have expressed fear over the war. We then can move onto foreign policy. Establishment politicians and pundits claimed Trump couldn’t handle the foreign policy aspect of the Presidency. He’s going to start World War 3 they claimed. To no one’s shock, the establishment was wrong. Kim Jong-un signed a declaration to denuclearize, Trump armed Ukraine to halt Russia’s growing influence, Trump has held Assad accountable for his supposed use of Chemical weapons and he tore up the Iran Deal right in the Iranian regime’s face. All of these are major wins for Conservatives. If an establishment politician did this they would throw a parade for the man but since it is Trump they refuse.

So, have the Never-Trumpers admitted they were wrong? Of course not. These people can’t fathom that they were wrong on President Trump. They have now moved the goal posts for Trump. No longer is it enough to help the American people. No longer is it enough to put America back on the right track . No, they nitpick everything he says. Why are you tweeting? Maybe it is because the media refuses to cover the major wins of his presidency.  Why are you attacking the intel agencies? Maybe it is because they all colluded before his election to stop him from being elected. The nitpicking comes not because they care about rhetoric but because they can’t fathom they were dead wrong and the people they claim to care about were right on the money.

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