Expert: Illegal immigrant Amnesty ‘Never Worked’

In an interview with Breitbart News, Executive Director & General Counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) Dale Wilcox had a lot to say about Immigration reform.


Wilcox made his comments during a Thursday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, hosted by Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour.

Ending chain migration must be prioritized by Trump and the GOP, said Wilcox: “Seventy percent of our immigration over multiple decades has been a result of chain migration. End that. [Donald Trump’s] got to do that.”

The Trump administration, said Wilcox, expressed commitment towards ending chain migration: “I have been privy to White House meetings, and what the administration says is its bottom line, and I can tell you they want to end chain migration, they want to end the visa lottery program which is just ridiculous, and President Trump wants funding for the wall.”

Effectively addressing illegal immigration requires national implementation of an E-Verify mandate for employers, said Wilcox. Unlawful employment amounts to a “jobs magnet” encouraging illegal immigration, he said:

If we’re going to stop any future amnesty, we have to have national E-Verify, which essentially allows employers when they’re hiring someone to go onto a free government website to check to make sure that they person they’re hiring, or the person they just hired, is employment authorized. If we did that, that would get rid of the job magnet for the most part and would disincentivize further illegal immigration.

Previous amnesties have always extended beyond originally promised parameters, said Wilcox:

It’s never worked. America has instituted previous amnesties over the years. Everyone’s familiar with the big one in 1986 which, allegedly, at that time there were 1 million, 1.3 million illegal aliens in the United States, and then I think over 3 million came out of the shadows to take part in that amnesty, but the only effect that amnesty had was to increase the numbers of people coming across the border unlawfully in hopes that another amnesty would be implemented. Time after time, this has happened.

This interview points out a lot of important things. The first is the effect of chain migration. Yes, Chain migration is a major issue and he makes sure to showcase that. The thing with chain migration is that its far more than just Mexican immigrants. It also deals with immigrants from countries with ties to Terrorism.

Articles on Chain Migration:

Legalizing DACA under current policies would allow for 2 million extra foreigners to enter US

Report: Since 2005 Chain migration has allowed over 120k foregin nationals to come to the U.S from Terror supporting countries

The next important thing is he mentions past Amnestys. He points about how not only was the government off by at least 3 million on the amount of illgeals in the US but since no border secruity was really added more people also came over. The one part he missed was what it did to California. California was a red state. The Amnesty by Ronald Regean began turning it into the Blue state we see today.

The bottom line is any Amnesty talk or as the left calls it now “path to citzenship” must have impactful immigration reform paired with it or no deal can be made.

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