Leftists on Twitter were outraged after Esquire magazine published a profile piece on the life of an American teenager.

The reason for their fury? The teen is male and white.

Entitled The Life of an American Boy at 17, the article explores the mundane perks and difficulties of growing up for a teenager in West Bend, Wisconsin, along with the impact of “toxic masculinity” and “MeToo”.

However, the piece prompted an immediate backlash from progressives who tried to outdo each other in expressing their revulsion at a white person being given such a platform. “Ominously, we’re told this is only “part 1 of a new series,” tweeted the Daily Beast’s Will Sommer, who said he was “totally baffled” by the article.

“Because you know what we don’t discuss nearly enough? The white male experience,” said Atlantic writer Jemele Hill.

“Choosing to read this instead of that Esquire cover,” tweeted the Boston Globe’s Meredith Goldstein, linking to an Out magazine feature showing only black people.

Indeed, the entire issue of Out magazine featured “women and non-binary femmes” only.

“Only women and non-binary femmes wrote, styled, photographed and were featured in its pages,” tweeted Janet Mock.

So apparently, having an entire magazine that eliminates an entire gender represents “diversity” and “inclusivity,” but having a single story about a white person is offensive. Hanna Ines Flint was upset that the American version of Esquire didn’t mimic the UK version by having a black person on the cover (because again, only by having zero white people is true “diversity” accomplished).

Zara Rahim, former head of communications for Hillary Clinton, was upset that the cover featured a white boy and not a black teen who looked like Trayvon Martin.

“I get what Esquire was going for here but ooooooooooooh boy talk about failing to read the room,” complained Tyler McCall.

The backlash came despite Esquire Editor in Chief Jay Felden explaining that the profile is part of a series that will also feature non-white people.

“We decided to follow that model but to enlarge it into a series on growing up now—white, black, LGBTQ, female—that will continue to appear in coming issues,” wrote Felden.

“Ok, but think about the profile you chose to start with,” snarked “feminist activist” Abigail Collazo in response, adding that she was happy about the article showcasing “young white boys of privilege needing to relearn about masculinity” but was unimpressed by it appearing during “Black History Month”.

The bottom line is this; Anyone who gets upset at a magazine cover because of the skin color of the person who is featured is a racist.

It’s okay to be white.



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