Emails: Biden Admin Operated With Missing COVID Data

Turns out the “conspiracy theorists” were right again.

The Biden administration operated with missing data as it pertains to schools re-opening amid the pandemic.

The Biden administration did not have the data on student learning loss due to the lockdown policies that were put into place.

According to Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of Americans for Public Trust, “we just learned the CDC isn’t publishing large portions of the COVID data it collects.”

From Fox News:

The Biden administration didn’t have data on students’ learning loss when the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its COVID-19 school reopening guidance, internal emails show.

The emails also indicate that Dr. Anthony Fauci flagged an article citing scientific studies disputing the need for students to stay 6 feet apart, noting that the rule appeared to be based on “decades-old research.” Additionally, the CDC denied a Harvard University public health expert’s request for state-level vaccine distribution data, which she needed for her research about how policies affected vaccinations, the emails show.

“These emails show the CDC forged ahead and crafted pandemic policy based on poor data – even after they’ve been warned old and out-of-date research was being used to support their guidelines,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, told Fox News. “First, the CDC allowed teachers’ unions to write the guidance on school reopenings, and now we just learned the CDC isn’t publishing large portions of the COVID data it collects.”

CDC officials recently acknowledged in unrelated internal emails that the agency must clean up its data-gathering process, which hindered the pandemic response, Politico reported.

Is this the science they told us to trust?

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