Donald Trump: “Why is that Hillary Clintons family and Dems dealings with Russia are not looked at”

Thursday afternoon Donald Trump took to Twitter to bring to light the Clinton families ties to Russia.

President Trump is One Hundred Percent correct with his claim. As we pointed out in a past article the Clinton family has extensive ties to Russia. 

Here is a short version of their ties:

Bill Clinton was paid to give speeches in Russia.

John Podesta failed to disclose his earnings from a Russian company directly linked to Vladamir Putin

Clinton sold 1/4 of Americas Uranium in return cash flowed into the Clinton Foundation afterward.

This is only a short synopsis of the extensive ties The Clintons have to Russia.

What confuses me about this tweet is that Trump is the President of The United States. He could call an investigation into these ties and force members to testify publicly. If Trump is serious about uncovering the truth behind the Clintons ties to Russia then he needs to take the necessary steps to uncover those dealings rather than just tweet about it.

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