Dinesh D’Souza making film comparing Trump to Lincoln

According to an Exclusive report for The Hollywood Reporter Dinesh D’Souza is making a documentary comparing Trump to Abe Lincoln.

The Hollywood Reporter:

In a move that could raise the suspicions of his detractors, recently pardoned Dinesh D’Souza tells The Hollywood Reporter that his next movie will liken Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln, including a poster that morphs an image of the two U.S. presidents.

The poster, unveiled here for the first time, features a U.S. flag, images of slavery, the Civil War, modern-day university riots, Lincoln’s and Trump’s face combined as one and the upcoming film’s title: Death of a Nation.

The poster also includes D’Souza’s name and that of Gerald R. Molen, advertised as the Academy Award-winning producer of the two Steven Spielberg films Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park.

“Death of a Nation draws a provocative analogy between Lincoln and Trump,” D’Souza tells THR. “Not that they’re the same people, but that they’ve fallen into the same situation. Not since 1865 have Democrats so dramatically refused to accept the outcome of a presidential election.”

D’Souza recognized that his critics might attack the move due to the fact Trump Pardoned D’Souza in May.

“We’ve been working on the film for more than a year and commissioned the artwork two months ago. Trump had no inkling of the art or the theme of the movie when he pardoned me,” says D’Souza.

The movie will also look at the roots of Facism and Racism.

“The four legs of the progressive agenda are well entrenched into society — academia, media, entertainment and culture,” says Molen. “The right, by contrast, is and always has been the anti-fascist party.”

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