DeSantis Leads 2024 Poll Among Florida Republicans By Landslide…Trump Support Catapults Him

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A new Poll from a Republican pollster found that Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) is leading a 2024 primary poll among Florida Republicans.

From Newsweek:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would easily defeat Florida’s U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott in a hypothetical three-way 2024 GOP presidential primary, according to a new poll.

The results of a private survey by Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio show DeSantis would be supported by 64 percent of respondents compared to 12 percent for Rubio and 10 percent for Scott, according to a Monday report from Politico.

It is his outspoken support for Trump that is boosting his support.

The poll suggests that DeSantis has continued to benefit politically from his outspoken support of former President Donald Trump. DeSantis was narrowly elected Florida governor in 2018 after being endorsed by the former president.

The pollster also reportedly asked respondents which politician they believed was “the biggest Trump supporter,” with DeSantis leading by an even wider margin. A 67 percent majority agreed that DeSantis was the most loyal follower of Trump, with 9 percent choosing Scott and 7 percent Rubio.

It is very simple.

The Republican voter backs the MAGA agenda.

They want a Republican party that stands up for this country. Not one that caves to the left.

If Trump doesn’t run DeSantis may just be considered the frontrunner.

DeSantis could also become Trump’s Vice President.

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