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A new Suffolk Poll has great news for Trump.

According to the poll, 73% say Biden was not legitimately elected.

From USA Today:

Three of four, 73%, say Biden wasn’t legitimately elected. Most don’t want their representatives to cooperate with him, even if that means gridlock in Washington.

Six in 10, 62%, say congressional Republicans “should do their best to stand up to Biden on major policies, even if it means little gets passed.” That’s more than double the 26% who say congressional Republicans “should do their best to work with Biden on major policies, even if it means making compromises.”

85% would back him again in the general election.

By 2-1, 59%-29%, Trump voters say they want him to run for president again in 2024. If he ran, three of four, 76%, would support him for the nomination; 85% would vote for him in a general election.

Few things here.

It is important to remember that the findings of this poll are likely higher. This is still a left-wing poll.

The next is that there is no longer a question of whether Trump will be the Republican candidate in 2024. If Trump wants to run he will be the Republican nominee. It is that simple.

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