DeSantis: Biden Vax Mandates Will Wreck Havoc On Economy

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis(R) continues to stand up to the Biden administration.

DeSantis went on Fox News to point out that Biden’s radical vaccine mandates are going to wreck the economy.

From Fox News:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis argued on Sunday that coronavirus vaccine mandates “will wreak havoc in the economy.”

The Republican slammed the vaccine mandates during an exclusive interview with “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“What Biden’s doing is unconstitutional. He does not have the authority to do this,” DeSantis told host Maria Bartiromo.

He then explained what the vaccine mandates will do on a “practical level.”

“In addition to be taking away people’s personal choices, it will wreak havoc in the economy because even if a small percentage of these folks end up losing their jobs or voluntarily walking away, you’re going to have huge disruptions in medical, in logistics, in law enforcement,” DeSantis said.


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This is a part of the vaccine mandate that has been underreported.

As Americans leave their jobs due to the mandates all Americans will suffer economically.

Especially in essential services.

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