Democratic Strategist loses it while debating Corey Lewandowski. He’s acting!

A Democratic Strategist by the name of Zac Petkanas lost it yesterday while talking with Corey Lewandowski.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and defend Corey. I didn’t say it. Was it a perfect way to put the point he was making? No. Was it what the media, left and Anti-Trump Republicans will claim? No. He was clearly making the argument that telling sob stories doesn’t make his argument any better.

What I will point out here is the clear acting from Zac. He starts yelling “How Dare you” and punching at his desk. The question is does he support the very down syndrome kids he claims to? Obviously not. Zac supports Abortion. The Pro-Choice movement is being used to kill down syndrome babies. Many in the movement claim that if medical professionals can tell a child will be born mentally slow it might as well just be killed.

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