Col. Shaffer destroys never-Trump Goldberg and Hume “y’all have been wrong about Trump since the beginning”

LT. Col. Tony Shaffer took to Twitter to destroy never-Trumper’s Jonah Goldberg and Brit Hume.

Here was the article Jonah Goldberg wrote for the LA Times.

Of course, Goldberg once again misses the point. He continues to attack the character of Donald Trump. He continues to attack Trump’s past and say look Trump is an awful person you must hate him. He accuses Trump of being someone who never changes his mind. Therefore he is an awful person. Yet the facts actually don’t back that up. Trump has shown a willingness to listen to facts. Goldberg however, hasn’t. Even though Trump has done exactly what he promised the American people and governed extremely conservatively Goldberg refuses to recognize the successes of Donald Trump.  

The bottom line is that Goldberg is so worked up on the idea of ‘character’ that he can’t even see reality anymore. 

Sorry, Jonah but even you have character flaws. In fact, we all do. Wake up or the entire Conservative movement will leave you behind.

Here is a Tweet from David Horowitz that debunks the character flaw claim they make regarding Donald Trump. 

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