CNN’s October ratings lower then the Hallmark channel and Nickelodeon

According to TV Newser:

Even in the huge news month that October was, CNN’s ratings hit the embarrassingly low number of 931,000, less then HGTV, USA, and the Hallmark Channel. In the metric of total day viewers, CNN lost out to Nickelodeon. While Fox News totaled more viewers then CNN and MSNBC combined.

(TV Newser)

Basic Cable Top 10: October 2018 (Total Day)

  1. Fox News – 1,685,000
  2. ESPN – 964,000
  3. MSNBC – 909,000
  4. Nickelodeon – 766,000
  5. TBS – 760,000
  6. Hallmark Channel – 690,000
  7. CNN – 689,000
  8. HGTV – 656,000
  9. Investigation Discovery – 639,000
  10. USA – 576,000

It would seem that all the blatant lying and false reporting is finally catching up to the Fake News Network.

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