CNN, Kaepernick, Smollett linked lawyer alleged co-conspirator in Nike extortion case

Mark Geragos, a CNN, Kaepernick, Smollett linked lawyer has been named as an alleged co-conspirator in a Nike extortion case.

The link to Smollett and Kaepernick was brought back to light by the Washington Examiner:

Avenatti’s been a walking dumpster fire and foil to the Trump presidency, but Geragos has scammed the system for years, representing not just the dregs of Hollywood — Chris Brown for domestic violence and Michael Jackson for pedophilia — but also #Resistance heroes such as Colin Kaepernick and hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett. Much like Avenatti, Geragos never met a camera he didn’t love, and now the pair are finally facing their comeuppance in criminal court.

Avenatti also has deep ties to CNN:

It is important to remember that Colin Kaepernick inked a deal with Nike but it is unclear if that has anything to do with this scandal:

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