China Developing Hypersonic Nuke Missile Based On Ditched NASA Design–US Said It Was Too Costly!

China continues to one-up the Biden Administration.

China is currently developing hypersonic nuke missiles that can travel 6,000 mph.

Their design was based on a proposal from Ming Han Tang, a Chinese American who was the chief engineer of Nasa’s hypersonic programme in the late 1990s.

It was dropped in the early 2000s because it was deemed too costly.

From The New York Post:

China is developing a 6,000 mph hypersonic nuke missile engine which is reportedly based on a design abandoned by Nasa — as it forges ahead in an arms race with the West.

A Chinese research team has built and tested a prototype based on a radical design by an American space agency scientist more than two decades ago.

Most hypersonic aircraft have an engine at the belly.

But the experimental Two-Stage Vehicle (TSV) X-plane was driven by two separate engines on the sides.

It was proposed by Ming Han Tang, a Chinese American who was the chief engineer of Nasa’s hypersonic programme in the late 1990s, reports South China Morning Post.

A top Space Force official has previously admitted that the US was not as advanced as China and Russia on hypersonic tech.

From Politico:

A top Space Force official admitted on Saturday that the U.S. has “catching up to do very quickly” to match Beijing’s hypersonic capability, one week after China successfully launched a missile that circled the globe before striking a target.

Russia also launched a hypersonic missile from a warship in the Arctic this week, underscoring how quickly Washington, D.C.’s two primary competitors are racing ahead in this technology.

“We’re not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hypersonic programs,” Gen. David Thompson, vice chief of space operations, said during his appearance at the Halifax International Security Forum.

While the Pentagon has pushed the development of new hypersonic missiles, the Army isn’t slated to field its first missile until 2024. The Navy is aiming to put its own version of the missile on a destroyer in 2025 and on Virginia-class submarines in 2028.

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