Trump Responds After Smollett Verdict–“Absolute Con Job”

Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five of six counts after staging a hate crime against himself.

Trump was asked about his thoughts on the verdict while on Laura Ingraham’s Fox news show.

He responded by saying if a Republican did what Smollett did he would have been in jail for 25 years.

From Mediaite:

“It’s a disgrace when happened,” said Trump. “He said MAGA country tried to hang him, that MAGA country was bad. And if somebody, if he were a Republican, if he were on the other side, he’d be in jail for 25 years for hate crimes.”

Trump noted that the two “assailants” were wearing “Make America Great Again hats.

“And it turned out they were caught and they admitted everything,” he said. “And that this even went to trial, it’s so crazy what happened and he tried to get away. But the got it and they got it strong, and he was convicted almost all of the counts.”

Trump later added, “This was an absolute con job. He was a conman and he wanted to try to get sympathy so he could have his contract renewed for a ridiculous television series, but that didn’t work out too well. And then on top of it, he got caught. And you know, it’s interesting. He wouldn’t have been caught except he pressed it all the way. He pressed it too far. He wanted apologies and everything else, and then the police came in. They did an amazing job and they caught him cold and he deserves it. But this is a hate crime. This is really a hate crime, sort of a hate crime in reverse and he’s not going to get away with it.”

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