CA Paramedics Refuse To Help Man In Cardiac Arrest Due To “Some COVID-19 Law”–Dies 30 Minutes Later

COVID tyranny is putting the lives of Americans at risk.

A police department report exposed how paramedics in Southern California refused to enter a facility to help a man in cardiac arrest because of “some COVID-19 law.”

From Fox News:

Paramedics in Southern California refused to enter a post-acute-care facility to treat a man in cardiac arrest last month because of “some COVID-19 law,” according to a Rialto Police Department report.

Body camera footage shows an officer arriving at the Rialto Post Acute Care Center on the evening of Nov. 11 and greeting two paramedics from the Rialto Fire Department, who were standing outside with their masks on.

After about a minute, the officer went inside himself and was almost immediately greeted by frantic hospital staff.

“They are not going to come in,” the officer told the staff as he started to run to the room where the man was in cardiac arrest. “They’re saying it’s a state law that they cannot come in.”

“Despite being in their line of sight, fire personnel still insisted on [redacted] being brought to them outside before they began life saving efforts and made no effort to assist me in getting [redacted] outside.”

A police officer moved the “wheel-less” bed closer to the paramedics.

They still claimed they could not help.

When asked about the law the paramedics said it “was some COVID-19 law” that was not yet overturned.

The man died 30 minutes later.

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