Broadway star jokes about Trump Assassination! ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?’


A well-known Broadway actress joked about President Trump’s assassination by referencing the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

“My answer to that is where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” Carole Cook said in response to a TMZ reporter asking if it’s okay to be pro-Trump at a Hollywood musical. “Now you’re going to ask me who the hell John Wilkes Booth is.”

Her husband, who was by her side, pointed out that Wilkes “killed presidents.”

Ironically, Wilkes was also a well-known stage actor.

The TMZ approached the actress after another actor, Timothy Hughes, had confiscated a ‘Trump 2020’ flag from an audience member at a Frozen the Broadway Musical performance last week.

“While the Frozen actors took a bow at the end of the show, an audience member began waving an ‘Elect Trump’ flag, triggering Hughes, who plays the role of Pabbie the elderly troll, to grab the flag and toss it off to the side of the stage,” Breitbart reported.

Afterwards, Hughes posted a long-winded rant on Instagram which likely drew more attention than the flag-snatching itself.

That said, Cook’s comments bring to mind Shakespeare in the Park, last year’s New York play that depicted a President Trump-lookalike being assassinated.

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