Breaking: Whistleblower proclaims he has evidence that Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks

The death of Seth Rich is certainly a story that needs more looking into. Days after the DNC emails were given to Wiki Leaks disgruntled DNC staffer, Seth Rich was killed in what was called a “botched robbery”. Nobody actually believed this story, well besides the Democrats, and the Rich family hired private investigator Rod Wheeler to look into it.

Well, just last week Rod Wheeler came out of the dark with some huge news. He claimed a Federal investigator told him there was evidence of Seth Rich having contact with Wiki Leaks. This evidence could be found on his laptop. Now the mainstream media gave this story an almost complete blackout. They tried to debunk Rod’s claims and didn’t even care to look into the things that remain unanswered. For example, the fact that WikiLeaks did all they could to point to the fact that Seth was the one behind the DNC leaks. Also, the messages from Guccifer 2.0 that blatantly state the WhistleBlower’s name is Seth is another example.

Now many news outlets, including my own, are doing all they can to keep this story alive. Luckily for us, a whistleblower by the name of Kim Dotcom gave us more to write about.

In a series of tweets, Kim Dotcom told the world he has evidence that Seth Rich is behind the leaks, not Russia, and is willing to testify in front of Congress to prove it.

Now, this tweet attracted Sean Hannity’s attention. Sean Hannity has been one member of the mainstream media who is working on getting to the bottom of this case. Here’s his response:

Kim then responded:

It is clear, we must continue to keep this story alive. There seems to be more than enough evidence to warrant a deep investigation into the death of Seth Rich and who was truly behind the leaks at the DNC.

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