Kim Dotcom! Twitter is going to hate me

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Kim Dotcom took a shot at Twitter earlier claiming that they were going to hate him. Twitter is going to hate me 😎 — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) October 3, 2018 He went further The Twitter Obituary Competition Write an obituary tweet about the passing of Twitter and post it with the hashtag #WeLovedYouTwitter The writer […]


Seth Rich case has sparked “Panic” at the DNC

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According to a report by The Daily Mail The Seth Rich case has sparked “Panic” in the DNC. An anonymous 4 Chan poster claims that internet hacker Kim Dotcom’s allegations that murdered Democratic aide Seth Rich was the source of Wikileaks has sparked ‘complete panic’ within the DNC. The nameless individual, who claims to have […]

Breaking: Whistleblower proclaims he has evidence that Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks

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The death of Seth Rich is certainly a story that needs more looking into. Days after the DNC emails were given to Wiki Leaks disgruntled DNC staffer, Seth Rich was killed in what was called a “botched robbery”. Nobody actually believed this story, well besides the Democrats, and the Rich family hired private investigator Rod […]