According to an article from, a piece of bipartisan legislation has been introduced to investigate the Trump Administration’s handling of the Chinese Coronavirus. This will be a 9/11 commission style commission.

Florida Politics:

Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy and a Republican counterpart, John Katko of New York, want someone to investigate what happened with the coronavirus crisis, when it has passed.

Murphy, of Winter Park, and Katko, whose district is based in Syracuse, announced Friday they have jointly introduced legislation to create a bipartisan commission to assess the United States’ preparation for and response to the pandemic.

The National Commission on COVID-19 Act is modeled on the 2002 law establishing the 9/11 Commission, which was enacted in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

“Right now, we must all be laser-focused on the immediate public health and economic threats posed by COVID-19. But we do need a bipartisan, comprehensive review of our response when we emerge from this crisis. What did we learn? What did we do wrong? What did we do right? These are critical questions that must be answered,” Murphy stated in a news release issued by her office.

Under their bill, the 10 members of the COVID-19 Commission would be split equally between Democrats and Republicans, appointed by the President and congressional leaders of both chambers and parties. The bill stipulates they are to have deep experience and expertise in fields like public health, medicine, emergency management and response, and public administration.The commission would not begin its work until early 2021 and would produce a report by March 2022.

The Gateway Pundit pointed out the Democrat here has a husband with economic ties to China.


It is sad that we can’t trust anyone as it pertains to investigating something like this. I would not be against looking into what happened with this pandemic. However, I would rather have no investigation than a witch hunt.

We need to look into China. We need to look into the WHO. We need to look into how we can start making sure we can manufacture goods in a time of crisis in America. This can never happen again.

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