Bill Nye claims the earth is on f*cking fire over global warming

Bill Nye the science guy went on an expletive-laced rant claiming that the earth is on literal fire over global warming.

Anyone notice the condescending nature of Bill Nye’s video. He yells at Middle America saying that if they don’t want to spend trillions of dollars to subside green energy that they need to grow up. Basically, these global warming alarmists don’t care about what their policies would do to the rest of the country.

Sorry, Bill Nye, the earth isn’t on fire and you aren’t actually a scientist.

Here is an excerpt from a Medium post debunking the claim that Bill Nye has the qualifications of a scientist. 

Let’s start with his formal education. Bill Nye has a mechanical engineering degree, so he would have taken his fair share of physics courses, however, he has not done the work typically required to be considered a “scientist”.

Time and time again, I see Bill Nye brought on national TV to speak as an expert on scientific issues. And amazingly Bill Nye views himself as being qualified to come on such shows! But Bill Nye has no scientific credentials whatsoever, besides being a comedian in a lab coat, and has never contributed any research to the scientific community!

You can also watch this video:

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