Biden Calls For All Americans To Wear Masks For First 100 Days Of His Admin

During his interview with CNN, Joe Biden called for all Americans to wear a mask for the first 100 days of his administration.

Of course, this is an attempt to take credit for what President Trump has done. They are going to force Americans to wear masks. Once cases start going down they will claim it was the result of the mask mandate.

Of course, we have no real-world data showing that places with mask mandates are faring betting than places without them.

We also know he is likely lying when it comes to how long this will be.

Remember 15 days to slow the spread?

Of course, the Mainstream Media will clap along in agreement with it.

Key Points:

-Biden will call for Americans to wear masks for first 100 days

-Unclear if this will be a mask mandate

-Many people have questions regarding how long this will really be for

-Still unsure if there is any science behind this

-Biden likely trying to take credit for beating COVID

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