Trump Campaign, RNC Have Raised $207M Since Election Day

The RNC and the Trump campaign have raised $207.5 Million Dollars since election day.

Committees Combine to Raise $495 Million for October 15th-November 23rd Reporting Period

President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) today announced fundraising totaling $207.5 million since Election Day. The total includes amounts raised by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., the RNC, the two joint committees Trump Victory and the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (TMAGAC), and the President’s new Political Action Committee, Save America.

“These tremendous fundraising numbers show President Trump remains the leader and source of energy for the Republican Party, and that his supporters are dedicated to fighting for the rightful, legal outcome of the 2020 general election,” said Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager. “It also positions President Trump to continue leading the fight to clean up our corrupt elections process in so many areas around the country, and to build on gains from the 2020 elections so we can take back the House and build on our Senate majority in 2022.”

“The American people know what’s at stake. Thanks to our incredible supporters, we’ve been fighting tooth and nail to uphold election integrity across the country and defend our Senate Republicans in Georgia,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “We are investing millions to push back against the Democrats’ unprecedented power grab and drive a massive Get Out The Vote operation in the Peach State. The work we are doing today is critical to ensuring a better tomorrow for all Americans.”

The entities will file with the Federal Election Commission today for the reporting period of October 15, 2020 to November 23, 2020, in which all of the entities except Save America raised a grand total of $495 million. Save America was formed after Election Day.

The base of the GOP is not backing down. The American people know this election was stolen and they are more energized than ever.

The GOP should be paying attention to this. Every member should be calling for transparency in this election.

They should be pointing out that we can’t have confidence in these results unless we get answers for all of these irregularities.

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