BIAS ALERT: NYT Senior editor admits Anti-Trump, left-leaning bias, mocks Pence for his religious views

I refused to cover the first two videos that Project Veritas released because well they weren’t as bombshell as I would have liked. I was only going to cover something that put the New York Times bias on full display and the words had to have come from someone high up in the company. Luckily James O’keefe didn’t disappoint.

Part three of his inside the New York Times piece was amazing. It showed a Senior Editor admitting to not just a left-leaning bias but that they wanted to sway the election.

From Project Veritas:

New York Times Senior Home Page Editor, Des Shoe, Admits Company Culture of Blatant Bias at NYT is “widely understood to be liberal-leaning…”

NYT Journalists: “if we write about him [Trump], and how insanely crazy he is…maybe people will read it and be like…we shouldn’t vote for him.”

Calls Trump an “oblivious idiot” and Pence “f***ing horrible” Because of Religious Views

So in this one statement, she shows us her disdain for not just Mike Pence but for religious communities in general. She also admits they wrote bad stories to try and get people not to vote for the Trump, Pence duo.

The New York Time’s is officially exposed. Your hatred for our country and complete disregard for the truth is appalling. Don’t worry NYT we know you are nothing more than a Propaganda wing for the Democratic Party and we won’t stop exposing you until you stop screwing over the American People.


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