Bernie Kerik Publicly Releasing Jan 6th Documents

45th President Donald Trump previously waived attorney-client privilege at the request of Bernie Kerik.

“Will Not Like What They Asked For!”–Trump Releases Statement After Jan 6th Committee Caught Issuing Phony Subpoena

The sham Jan 6th was caught lying on the subpoena for Kerik.

UPDATE: Sham Jan 6th Committee Admits They Made Mistake On Subpoena

Now, we have this.

Kerik is planning on releasing the documents he is giving to the Jan 6th committee publicly.

From Just The News:

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik will publicize the documents he is presenting to the Jan. 6 committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to a letter from Keriks’s attorney, obtained by Just the News.

Kerik’s attorney, Timothy Parlatore, wrote a letter to Thompson stating that his client intends to share documents he views as not privileged. Kerik previously requested a public hearing, rather than a private deposition. Thompson rejected the idea and threatened to subpoena Kerik “in his personal capacity.”

“Given the recent incident of Rep. Adam Schiff’s presentation of altered text messages from Mr. Meadows, I want to avoid a similar situation of selected portions of documents being presented without context. It is therefore my intention to make the production available through a download link that can also be accessed by the public and members of the media,” Parlatore wrote.

“Your Committee is not expected to survive the mid-term elections,” Palatore asserted. Polls show Republicans are expected to retake the House next fall, adding pressure to the Democrat-led committee investigation to finish within a year.

“As I have stated from the beginning, Mr. Kerik is happy to provide all of the responsive documents, as well as to sit and answer all appropriate questions regarding these matters,” Parlatore added.

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