Basement Joe Now Claims Trump Wants To Defund The Police

Joe Biden made another shocking claim about President Trump claiming that he is the one who really wants to Defund The Police.

In truth, it was Biden who wants to “Defund The Police”.

Even a Fact-check from Politifact Texas admitted more information is needed:


Biden said that Trump proposes cutting half a billion dollars from local police support.

According to the Trump administration’s budget requests, Biden’s number is about right.

The biggest area of interpretation is what counts as local police support. There is no question that Trump proposed a $170 million cut for the program that subsidizes community police initiatives, Community Oriented Policing Services. Beyond that, the Justice Department offers a wide range of programs. Some provide direct aid to local law enforcement, but some do not.

One expert we reached said most of these programs do provide direct aid. Another said they all aim to advance public safety at the local level.

The claim is largely accurate but requires additional information. That’s our definition of Mostly True.

The truth is much deeper than this. The true threat from the Democrats is what we are seeing in cities across the country. They are making Police departments nearly useless and blocking them from being able to do their jobs. They are taking large chunks of funding from them.

We also have what both candidates say. One candidate attacks Police even when they do the right thing. The other candidate backs our Police and lets them do their job. This matters. President Trump’s vocal support matters. Defending innocent police officers from the mob matters.

There is no question of who supports our Police more. President Trump supports our police more. In fact, he is the only one defending our police.

We see this in the fact that police groups have come out in support of President Trump:

The largest police union in the United States, the National Fraternal Order of Police announced that it unanimously supports President Trump.

This isn’t President Trump’s first endorsement from Law Enforcement.

National Association Of Police Organizations Endorses Trump
WATCH: Trump Accepts Endorsement From National Border Patrol Council
New York State Troopers’ Union Endorses Trump
National Troopers Coalition Endorses Donald Trump

No reasonable person would believe Joe Biden’s claims. President Trump supports our Police while Biden is attacking them.

Joe isn’t doing so well now that he is out of his basement.

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